Services and Repairs

Boiler Repairs
Our certified engineers can fix your boilers when they breakdown. Depending on the nature of the damage, some repairs can be done instantly while others take time. Before we carry out any repair, we conduct a thorough inspection of the boiler to ascertain its true state and the real cause of the problem. There are faults that require replacement of boiler parts, and we have access to most boiler parts. Our engineers do not only repair but can also you through the process of repairing your boiler. We remain the best choice for your boiler and central heating repairs. Our boiler repairs services start from only £45.00

Boiler servicing

A faulty or poorly maintained boiler is very dangerous and highly risky. That is why gas boiler manufacturers strongly recommend that your boiler is serviced once per year by a qualified engineer. This ensures the boiler runs optimally in some ways. Regular servicing reduces the costs and chances of possible damages and repairs, and the boiler functions optimally with less gas usage. This saves money too. When a boiler is due for service, there will be signs like regular malfunctioning, pilot light keeps extinguishing and odd smell when the boiler is being used. We always advise our clients to call an engineer whenever the notice any of the signs or anything unusual with their boilers. Our engineers are capable of handling all boiler servicing and even make recommendations where necessary. Our boiler servicing is only £50.00

Gas Safety Certificate

As enshrined in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, a gas safety certificate, also referred to as gas safety record, is required by law for all rental accommodation in the Uk where are gas appliances. The landlord has the responsibility to obtain the certificate for his tenants, and it is mandatory to get the certificate after every 12 months. At Urgent Care Heating, we have certified Gas Registered engineers who can conduct gas safety checks on your appliances and issue the certificate accordingly. Our process is less strenuous, and we give our customers solid tips on how to maintain their gas appliances without any additional charge.

Power flush

It is highly recommended for older central heating systems to enhance performance and helps prevent sludge, rust and other unwanted elements from newly installed boilers to ensure optimal performance and longevity. We recommended you power flush your system once every 7 – 10 years. When power flushing, our engineers use the best materials such as MagnaCleanse in addition to the power flushing machine in order to get the desired result.

Why Power Flush?

Power flushing has so many benefits, some of which are; Protecting your pipe work, radiators, and boiler from damaging materials, such as sludge and rust, damaging your system. Reducing your energy bills by allowing you use less fuel to warm your home/business. Reducing the chances of repairs.

With our highly trained power flushers, you can rest assured that your system will be well cleaned without causing any damage to the system. So, you can contact us for power flushing.